Monday, July 16, 2012

Tool #8

I viewed the videos on this tool.  I learned that the netbook has a photocard insert, which will be useful for pictures we take around the classroom, I learned how to set up an account through SBISD on itunes, and how to set up the wireless network on the ipod touch.  I'll have to watch all those videos again when I get the netbooks and ipod touches!  :)

As for management with technology, I thought it was a great suggestion to teach lessons and post rules for each piece of equipment.  As I have first graders, we will do a lot of role playing and practicing.  It will also be useful to identify the kids that have a knack for technology and have them be responsible for charging and turning on the equipment.  Also, they could help their peers with trouble shooting before coming to me.  I have made a note to set up a station for all the kids to log into each netbook within the first weeks of school, as it takes a while to load the first time anyone logs in.

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