Monday, July 16, 2012

Tool #7

This tool challenges the 11 Tools participants to create a lesson plan with a digital project and collaboration with another classroom.  I read the comments under the assignment and saw something about  Here is my lesson plan:

Objective:  TSW create book reviews and responses to book reviews on as a way to make choices on "just right books" and interest level.

When: late winter or spring, after the students have learned how to evaluate books.

Tools:  Google docs will be used to post assignments, wallwhisher will be used to reply to questions about finding books, and shelfari will be used by the students to post book reviews.

Project:  I can create a group on shelfari for my classroom and another first grade classroom in the district.  The other teacher and I would intro the project by posting questions on Wallwisher.  These questions would help guide them into the vocabulary needed to review a book and what information has to be included.  Google docs will be used to post assignments and gather information about the genres of books the kids are choosing.  Shelfari will be where we create and post book reviews.  This could be extended by the kids choosing a book review, reading the book, and commenting on the review through shelfari.

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