Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tool #3

I have used Youtube many times in lessons and the advice about previewing all videos before they are shown to students is essential "web wisdom".  I have never gotten on teachertube or kidtube before today.  I can see using teachertube again because it is easy to search for topics and find videos that were useful.  I wish it didn't show commercials though.  Kidtube wasn't very easy to navigate and I had trouble finding anything educational.  Here are some videos that caught me attention:

This first one is from Youtube and I could see using it to review the water cycle and the vocabulary associated with it.  It is also on Teachertube.

This one would be nice to use during a mini unit I like to do around Halloween on bats and Stellaluna.  This particular video has a lot of factual content.
I am pleased about how easy it was to embed these videos in.  I watched the copyright videos and was surprised that dances can be copyrighted.  It is best policy to give credit on anything that you did not create yourself and use common sense when sharing anything.

I am on my home computer and I attempted to download drop box.  I got a warning that "this file may harm your computer".  I feel more comfortable waiting until I have my district laptop to start a dropbox account.  I can see how this would be great to use for photos of my students, save the "movies" we made in class, and to collect videos that could be used in the classroom.  It sounds very accesible and easy to use.

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