Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tool #2

I've "stalked" other blogs for over a year now and found them to be very useful.  I am intimidated to share what I'm doing in my classroom because I don't feel nearly as innovative as the blogs I have followed.  However, maybe I can show how I took an idea from another blog and tweeked it for my class.  I plan to check back with:
 "Mrs. Cassidy's Classroom Blog" because of her use of technology.
 "The Inspired Apple" because of the custom creations for makes for her classroom.
 "First Grade Parade" because of her use of literacy in all lessons and how she extends all her lessons to make real world connections.
"Made For First Grade" because these two teachers make wonderful units throughout the year that tie into our TEKS.
Pintrest is another source I use to get ideas for my classroom.

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